Pre-Grade 1 and Early Learning

LCME Pre-Grade 1 and Early Learning exams

Pre-Grade 1

Offered in various subjects, pre-grade 1 exams are an ideal way to introduce pupils to examinations and provide a useful goal to work towards.

Candidates receive a written report and mark, and successful candidates receive a certificate.

Assessment bands are the same as for graded exams:

  • 85-100% - Distinction
  • 75-84% - Merit
  • 65-74% - Pass
  • 0-64% - Unsuccessful

Early Learning

Intended for children aged 3 to 6 years, these exams aim to provide encouragement and a basis for assessment in music and drama/communication at a very early stage of development. They are available as solo or group exams at three levels. Exams are conducted in a relaxed environment with the teacher present if preferred.

All candidates will receive a report form; this will not include marks but will award Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Every child who completes the assessment will be awarded at least a Pass and will receive a certificate.

Other exam levels