Piano anthologies

LCME Piano anthologies

LCM's Piano Anthologies contain pieces carefully selected from previous piano exam lists dating from 1988 to 2006. All of the pieces in these volumes have proved popular with piano students, teachers and listeners, and we are pleased to be able to make them available again in these new collections.

Pieces from these anthologies may be chosen as List B and C pieces, allowing students to increase their choice of repertoire beyond the already extensive selection offered in the LCM piano repertoire lists for grade, recital grade and leisure play options.

It is hoped that these anthologies will also be of interest to piano students generally. The range of styles broadly covers the late 18th century to the present. Some familiar pieces are present in these volumes, but they include pieces additionally from composers who have had a distinguished career in the role of teacher or student at LCM. Amongst the former are William Lloyd Webber and Martyn Williams, and amongst the latter are Nicholas Grace and John Guilfoyle, who now have eminent academic and professional musical careers.

All these pieces can be used in piano exams from 2015. Please see the revised repertoire list.

Piano Anthology: Grades 1 & 2 (LL278, £8.95)

Available from music shops or from the LCME Online shop.

 Grade 1, List B 

 Grade 1, List C 

 Grade 2, List B 

 Grade 2, List C 

Bartok: Children at Play

Chamberlain: Baby Bossa Nova

Bartok: Dance With Me

Chapple: In the Pink

Boyce: March

Chapple: Copycat

Berens: Puppet Waltz

Gange: Sarah's Song

Grechaninov: Fairy Tale

Guilfoyle: Ticking Away

Hall: The Princess and the Spinning-wheel

Grace: Cats at Play

Horak: Cuckoo

Hedges: Pony Ride

Grechaninov: Farewell

Hall & Drayton: Playful Plesiosaurs

Lloyd Webber: A Waltz for Springtime

Hall: Cheerful Cha-cha-cha

Wild: Conversation Piece

Hall: Rattlesnake Rag

Rowcroft: Rhapsody

Wedgwood: Pluto

Ple: The Shepherd's Song

Norton: Space Walk

Sheard: Rocking Song

Wedgwood: Saturday Shuffle

Sheard: Playtime

Seiber: Tango II (Habanera)

Trad. (arr. Wild): Morning Has Broken


Wooding: Sweet Dreams



Piano Anthology: Grades 3 & 4 (LL279, £10.95)

 Grade 3, List B 

 Grade 3, List C 

 Grade 4, List B 

 Grade 4, List C 

Bartok: Jest

Barratt: Rip, Rag, Panic!

Burgmuller: Balade

Williams: A Little Dance

Bartock: No. 11 from 'For Children'

Chapple: Tango

Burgmuller: Barcarolle

Chapple: Lazy Days

Carroll: The Elfin Harp

Chapple: Spanish Tummy

Delibes (arr. Turner): Pizzicato Polka

Chapple: Tea with Aunt Maud

Carroll: Zephyr

Chrisopherson: Highland Fling

Kabalevsky: A Sad Story

Cornick: Two-Part Invention

Ferrer: Serenade Espagnole

Hengeveld: Cha-cha-cha

Karganov: Grandfather is Dancing

Hengeveld: Argentijnse Tango

Gurlitt: Impromptu

Rose: Nimble as Ninepence

Kohler: Chromatic Polka

Jacques: Jelly Baby Jazz

Hook: Rondo

Seiber: Cake Walk

Grace: Scottish Seafarer

Stratford: Warm Up

Trad. (arr. Eben): Too Bad for You, I Love Another

Seiber: Jazz-Etudiette

Lloyd Webber: Sentimental Waltz


Nakada: Song of Twilight

Jacques: Sticky Toffee

Rowcroft: Tongue-Twister


Wedgwood: Masquerade

Wedgwood: The Blarney Stone

Taylor: A Beach Picnic


 Wild: Sentimental Waltz

 Williams: Prelude




Piano Anthology: Grades 5 & 6 (LL280, £11.95)

 Grade 5, List B 

 Grade 5, List C 

 Grade 6, List B 

 Grade 6, List C 

Cornick: Pensive Rag

Ball: Easy Music

Albeniz: Capricho Catalan

Grace: Traffic Jam

Hofmann: Am Abend

Chapple: Blues

Bennett: Saturday's Child

Berkeley: No. 5

Hounsome: Drifting

Chapple: Come Dancing

Bruch: Klavierstuck

Linn: Un Phare dans le Brouillard

Howells: A Sailor Tune

Chapple: On the Cool Side

Gliere: Mazurka

Joplin (arr. Turner): Elite Syncopations

McCabe: Champagne Waltz

Chapple: Washtub Rag

Grieg: Volkslied

Norton: Prelude VI

Kabalevsky: Dance

Draper: Cheese Cake Walk

Kabalevsky: Variations XI, XII and Coda

Peters: Small Hours

Prokofiev: Promenade

Guilfoyle: Downstream

Massenet: Melodie


Schumann: Weigenliedchen

Ingoldsby: Rumba

Pachulski: Prelude


Stravinsky: Allegro

Linn: La Poupee de Marcella

Dusek: Sonata in F


Williams: Compound Frolics

Mier: Taking it Easy

Prokofiev: Cortege de Sauterelles



Norton: Young at Heart

Prokofiev: Valse



Rybicki: The Owlglass

Slonimsky: Modinha Russo-Brasileira




Trad. (arr. Cornick): Londonderry Air




Schumann: Fantasie-Dance



Piano Anthology: Grades 7 & 8 (LL281, £11.95)

 Grade 7, List B 

 Grade 7, List C 

 Grade 8, List B 

 Grade 8, List C 

Bartok: Merry Andrew

Copland: No. 3

Bartok: Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No. 3

Debussy: Minstrels

Chopin: Prelude No. 26 in A flat

Gould: Stamp!

Bartok: Suite Op. 14, first movement

Arnold (arr. York): Scottish Dance No. 3

Debussy: Reverie

Linn: La Chat et le Moucheron

Chopin: Nouvelle Etude No. 3

Barnett: Ode to a Princess

Ireland: The Holy Boy

Norton: A Steady Hand

Berkeley: Prelude No. 5

Moeran: Burlesque

Ferguson: Bagatelle No. 2

Warlock: Folksong Prelude No. 2

Granados: Andaluza

Norton: Study Build

Grovlez: Petites Litanies de Jesus

Norton: Prelude II

Rachmaninov: Prelude No. 12

Poulenc: Novelette No. 3 in E Minor

Ilynsky: Berceuse


Ravel: Menuet


Reger: Versohnung


Schmitt: Valse Viennoise