Online Theory exams

About LCME Online Theory exams

Our online theory platform enables candidates to take any exam from our Theory of Music and Popular Music Theory syllabuses remotely.

The platform has been designed with various features to help candidates navigate their way through clearly and confidently. These include:

  • Access to practice sessions

  • An online notepad

  • Video demos

The format and components of these exams follow our current syllabuses for Theory of Music and Popular Music Theory.


How to book your Online Theory exam

  • UK & Ireland candidates: You can enter an Online Theory exam via ERIC (our online booking platform).

  • International candidates: Please get in touch with your local LCME representative.

Guidelines & Resources

A note about our online theory exams...

In the offline format, the candidate has the option of answering some questions either in the treble clef or in the bass clef. This does not apply to the online format. Instead, a mix of questions in both the treble clef and the bass clef is asked in the online format. The option to choose a preferred clef is therefore not possible in the online format.

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