Musical Theatre for Actors 2024

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Musical Theatre for Actors exam route was introduced in Spring 2024 as part of a rebranding initiative from the Musical Theatre Syllabus 2023. Please note that all requirements and components remain unchanged.

The Musical Theatre for Actors syllabus highlights acting through song. Candidates will demonstrate their interpretation of the song’s lyrics in their performance through singing, spoken voice and movement

For full information, please download the syllabus:

Musical Theatre For Actors (2024)


Steps 1&2

Steps 1 and 2 are designed for those starting on their performance path. These beginner exams require students to speak the lyrics and sing two songs.


Grades 1–8

Four Exam Formats:

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Candidates perform the chosen repertoire and engage in discussion with the examiner.


Candidates perform the chosen repertoire. The examiner will write a short evaluative report regarding the candidate’s performance skills observed in the programme.


Candidates perform the chosen repertoire. Candidates will choose to perform an additional song to replace Component 2.


Candidates present a contrasted and balanced repertoire suitable for duet performance. The examiner will provide a report on the collaborative performance skills observed in the programme.


All formats are regulated by Ofqual and require candidates to perform at least one song from the Musical Theatre for Actors Handbook.

Musical Theatre for Actors Handbooks


Diplomas (DipLCM, ALCM, LLCM, FLCM)

  • Performance Diplomas require candidates to prepare a recital of set lyrics and songs. These are available at all four levels.

  • Teaching Diplomas prepare candidates for a portfolio career in performing and teaching through a mix of recital, teaching a lesson, presentation, and discussion with the examiner. These are available at DipLCM, ALCM, and LLCM.

  • Diplomas by Thesis are for candidates who wish to develop their academic study skills through a well-written thesis on a chosen research topic. They are available at DipLCM, ALCM, and LLCM.

For full information, please download the syllabus:

Download Diploma syllabus


Exam Options

Candidates can select from In-person and Recorded Exams and opt for Grade Exams, Recital, Concert, Cabaret and Duet Grades.

Teachers and Teaching Organisations can enter students online through our network of Public Exam Centres. They can also opt to host a Private Exam Day for their students through our dedicated team of LCME Reps and Customer Service Team.

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