Musical Theatre (2023)

New Musical Theatre syllabus 2023 (launching soon!)

From Monday 2 October 2023 onwards, you will be able to enter our new and exciting LCME 2023 Musical Theatre Syllabus.

The upcoming syllabus and handbooks are now available to preview, featuring new repertoire and updates to the components.

The Musical Theatre 2023 handbooks contain all you need to prepare for the exam and can be purchased from our online shop. Candidates must select one piece from the handbook in their graded exam.


Looking to enter an exam now? Entries for the Music Theatre syllabus 2019-2021 are permitted until the end of December 2024. For details about the current Music Theatre syllabus, please click here.

Musical Theatre 2023 exam levels

Our graded and diploma examinations offer a variety of formats, including face-to-face and digital exams, to enhance the performance work of our diverse range of candidates.

Steps 1 and 2 – acting a chosen lyric and singing two songs.

Recital Graded Examinations 1 to 8 – acting a lyric and song from Musical Theatre Handbook 2023 with a specified number of songs dependent on the grade, plus discussion.

Concert Graded Examinations 1 to 8 – acting a lyric and song from Musical Theatre Handbook 2023 with a specified number of songs dependent on the grade, plus examiner reflection.

Cabaret Graded Examinations 1 to 8 – acting a lyric and song from Musical Theatre Handbook 2023 with a specified number of songs linked by a theme or subject dependent on the grade, plus an additional song of choice.

Performance diplomas at four levels: DipLCM, ALCM, LLCM and FLCM - An entirely performance-based exam where candidates must perform a lyric and song from the set repertoire list and perform a specified number of songs dependent on the diploma level.

Teaching diplomas at three levels: DipLCM, ALCM and LLCM - An examination that requires a performance followed by the candidate teaching a lesson, then delivering a presentation about two contrasting songs from the repertoire lists for a specific grade before engaging in a discussion about all material included in all components.

Diplomas by Thesis at three levels ALCM, LLCM and FLCM - The thesis should exhibit academic rigour and good literary style at all three diploma levels. The research topic should be sufficiently extensive to provide enough subject matter for a thesis at the appropriate level, though at the same time, not so wide that the depth of scholarship is compromised.

Musical Theatre changes and updates

The Musical Theatre syllabus includes a wide variety of repertoire spanning various styles and genres. 

The syllabus allows performers to explore further the intricate nuances of each song by encouraging an exploration of the lyric.

Performance notes offer helpful tips and suggestions for consideration when preparing the set repertoire, such as background information on the songs, composers, lyricists and significant cultural and historical contexts.

Recital Steps and Graded Examinations: Component 2: The Discussion
This component has been revised to focus on individual performance. Candidates will be required to express the technical aspects of their craft, exploring sung and spoken vocal techniques.

Please take a look at the syllabus and FAQs for more details.

Join us on tour

We are running free workshops across the UK between May and October 2023 to help teachers, reps, and LCME examiners understand the new syllabus and ask questions. You can register here.

Validity reminder

Please note that entries for the new Musical Theatre syllabus 2023 will only be accepted from Monday 2 October 2023 onwards. 

Entries for the Music Theatre syllabus 2019-2021 will still be permitted until the end of December 2024.