LCME offer a range of alternatives to face-to-face examinations

Performance Awards

LCME Performance Awards

Performance Awards provide a new opportunity for the assessment of musical performance, whereby candidates submit a recording of their performance rather than attending an examination venue. They are performance-only assessments, and candidates may enter any time of the year.

Performances are assessed by trained LCM examiners, using the same standards and criteria used for the standard graded exams, offering candidates a reliable and independent assessment of their performance standard while benefitting from the flexibility allowed by the submission process.

The awards also allow candidates to have their performances assessed externally before taking a graded examination.

Performance Awards are offered in various subjects; refer to the subject syllabus for full details.

Entering for a Performance Award

There are two options:

  • Online: complete an online form where you will be able to upload your work and pay the exam fee online
  • Paper entry: download an entry form, post your completed form, the fee and your work to the LCME office