NEW LCME Keyboard Syllabus & Handbooks

With refreshed content and assessment criteria, the London College of Music Examinations’ (LCME) Electronic Keyboard syllabus 2021 is right up to date. Ready to bring out the very best from candidates and show off a broad range of skills.                                                    

The revised assessment material comes with new, specially commissioned pieces to master at each stage, with a greater focus on exploring the features and functions of the instrument and developing good keyboard management skills.

With a comprehensive handbook to guide candidates through each level, they will get to grips with a range of musical genres from Irish folk songs to Latin bossa novas, New Orleans jazz and classical piano styles. The detailed range of chord types featured in the new pieces encourages a greater knowledge of chords and keys and use of advanced keyboard features, including keyboard split, full keyboard/pianist mode and on bass.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Candidates will benefit from a brand new pictorial chord dictionary, tailored specifically for keyboard players.

Discussion topics have been updated to cover instrument functions and techniques – knowledge which is integral to becoming a competent keyboard player.

The revised accompanying test is set to be a popular choice. The test now incorporates the use of the keyboard’s rhythm style, offering the opportunity to try out more of the keyboard’s functions within an ensemble setting.

While all the changes help develop a well-rounded musician, the joy of making music remains at the heart of the syllabus.

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