New Head of London College of Music Examinations appointed

Published: Thursday 3 August 2023

London College of Music Examinations (LCME) is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Ben Norbury as Head of London College of Music Examinations.

Ben has invaluable experience in business development, strategic planning and syllabus development. He is a trained musician and teacher with experience as a music examiner and is, therefore, the perfect fit.

Ben Norbury said, “LCME is a fantastic organisation with dedicated and talented people, a truly inclusive ethos and an outstanding range of learning and assessment opportunities. I am delighted to be joining as Head of Exams.

"Over the coming months, I will be meeting with as many members of the global LCME family as possible to share your experiences and hear your thoughts. I look forward to our onward journey together with excitement and eager anticipation.”

We wish Ben every success as he undertakes this new role and look forward to the next exciting chapter for LCME.


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