The LCM theoretical diplomas provide a useful supplement to our diplomas in performance, teaching, conducting, composition and thesis.

The DipMusLCM balances traditional theoretical diploma components such as harmony and analysis with musicianship elements, including a comparison of recordings, performance practice considerations and essay writing. These components encourage candidates to explore contextual issues and their personal responses to music.

Progression routes

The DipMusLCM provides a relevant foundation for those who wish to advance their study of music theory and progress to the AMusLCM and LMusLCM diplomas.

Candidates who complete and pass the DipMusLCM theoretical diploma exam are eligible to enter for ALCM in Performance, Option 2, a shorter version of the ALCM exam. See our current Theory of Music syllabus for more information.

Study materials

Study materials are available to print free of charge by clicking on the links in the summary of the DipMusLCM syllabus below:

Component 1: Stylistic composition

Candidates must complete both sections

Section i): Chorale harmonisation. A short extract from a chorale by J. S. Bach. (15 marks)

Section ii) ONE further short extract, chosen from the following options (10 marks):

  1. Two-part counterpoint in the style of Bach, Handel or Telemann
  2. Harmonising a folk song for piano
  3. String quartet in the style of Mozart or Haydn
  4. Realisation of chord symbols for any instrumentation

Component 2: Questions on a score

A series of questions based on a previously unseen extract of a musical score. This may be taken from a chamber or orchestral work, with a minimum of two parts, and may include voices.

Component 3: Comparison of recordings

Questions will be asked on pairs of recordings of the same piece or extracts of the same piece. The recordings differ in terms of performance (e.g. recordings of two pianists performing the same work) and/or different versions of the same piece (e.g. an orchestration of a work for piano and the original).

Component 4: Essay

A 400-500 word essay, based on ONE title chosen from approximately ten.

Specimen papers

Two specimen papers are available (free of charge):

Past papers

Past papers are available from our digital downloads website.