Stave House Music Awards

About Stave House

Stave House Music Awards are qualifications for beginner instrumentalists, offered by Stave House in partnership with London College of Music Exams.

The Stave House method was created by Ruth Travers and is designed to:

  • Teach young children to read music
  • Make it possible for non-music specialists to teach notation to children as parents at home or as teachers in class.

Stave House teaches pitch, notation, rhythm, sight reading, visual pitch and structure for treble, bass and alto clefs. It helps to develop musical memory, pitch, singing, confidence, performance skills, composition, spatial awareness, lateral thinking, fine motor skills, concentration and interaction.

Stave House may be used individually or in groups and is adaptable for children aged three to ten years.

It is taught using:

  • magnetic boards with moveable characters
  • a CD (or music download) containing the songs and rhymes
  • a teachers'/parents' manual set out in nine easy steps
  • three playbooks for the children to play from and fill in


Stave House Teaching Diploma

A teaching diploma is also available, designed specifically for teachers using the Stave House method.

How to book

Please visit the Stave House website or contact Ruth Travers via / +44 (0) 1245 284 407. Ruth is the LCME Rep for Chelmsford, England.

What’s in the exam