Professional Achievement

This diploma, the highest awarded by LCME, demands a truly exceptional demonstration of ability of the very highest standard. In order to pass, the candidate must present a body of work which demonstrates an achievement of the highest professional standing. The standard expected is broadly equivalent to that of a Masters degree.

Candidates, or the nominating party, should submit a portfolio of documentation setting out why they believe the candidate should be considered for this award. The portfolio must include, as its principal constituent part, a written submission setting out the work of the candidate, and assessing its significance. Additionally, supporting documentation such as concert programmes, CD recordings, press cuttings, reviews, scores, articles, books, lists of publications, references, etc. may be included in a supporting capacity. There are no absolute rules for the conferral of FLCM by Professional Achievement. However, in general, the assessment board will be looking for evidence of a clear and significant body of work which represents a major contribution within the field of the performing arts and/or arts education, whether in association with LCME or independently. This might involve one or more of the following areas: performance, composition, arranging, conducting, teaching/education, Church music, recording/producing, scholarship, administration, examining and assessment. Normally, candidates will be expected to have attained national or international recognition in the appropriate field. The work may be in the field of music, or drama and communication, or both.

Where the candidate is being nominated by a nominating party, this should be made without the knowledge of the candidate.

What’s in the exam