Early Learning Music

About LCME Early Learning Music Exams

Certificates for children aged three to six years.

This syllabus is designed for young children to provide encouragement and a basis for assessment in music and speech at very early stages of development. At all three stages, the development of skills and confidence is the main aim.

There are three individual stages (1–3) and two group stages (1 & 2).

Early Learning SYLLABUS (PDF)

Early Childhood Music Teaching Diplomas

This syllabus is intended for those who teach music to pre-school children in kindergartens and other places. The diplomas are offered at three levels and complement our Early Learning, Pre Preparatory and Step qualifications.

Teaching Diplomas SYLLABUS (PDF)

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What’s in the exam


Exam content

  • Exchange greeting and introduction
  • Sing a song from memory
  • Performance (short, elementary piece on any instrument)

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Exam content

  • Performance
  • Discussion

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