Early Learning

Certificates for children aged three to six years.

This syllabus is designed for young children, to provide encouragement and a basis for assessment in speech at very early stages of development. At all three stages, the development of skills and confidence is the main aim.

All candidates will receive a report form; this will not include marks, but will award Pass, Merit or Distinction. All children who complete the assessment will be awarded at least a Pass, and will receive a certificate.

There are three individual stages (1–3) and two group stages (1 & 2).


What’s in the exam


Exam content

Stage 1:

  • Exchange greeting and introduction
  • Perform a prepared, descriptive, animal rhyme

Stage 2:

  • Exchange greeting and introduction
  • Perform a prepared mime to show an occupation

Stage 3:

  • Exchange greeting and introduction
  • Either: poem/action rhyme/nursery rhyme
  • Either: brief drama speech/poem/rhyme



Exam content

  • Action rhyme/acting game
  • Story
  • Discussion