In-person LCME exams

We know how important it is for music and performing arts students to perform face-to-face.

Are you an exam candidate, teacher, or parent of a candidate? Please get in touch with your nearest LCME exam centre or local representative (links below) to learn about in-person exams in your area.

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Ready to book an in-person exam? See details below on how to enter.

How to book an in-person LCME exam?

In-person exams in most subjects are held three times a year: Spring, Summer and Winter. You can find dates for upcoming in-person exam sessions here.

Enter an exam from the UK & Ireland

  • Enter online: Entries can be made directly via ERIC, our online booking management system - Book Now

  • Enter via post: You will need to download an entry form and send the completed form and entry fee to the LCME office - Entry Forms (excludes Theory exams)

  • Enter via your local rep: You can enter via your local LCME rep - UK & Ireland reps

  • Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) exams: To book RGT exams, please visit their website - Book Now

Enter an exam from overseas

Once you are ready to book an exam, you should contact your nearest LCME exam centre or local representative.


Using ERIC

ERIC is LCME's online exam booking and management system for in-person exams. Candidates, teachers and parents can use ERIC to enter for exams, check exam dates/times and view past exam results.

If you/your candidates have taken LCME in-person exams before, you will already have an ERIC account. If you are new to LCME, you can register at

ERIC user guides

ERIC guides for Centre Representatives and Examiners are available from the LCME office.

Digital exam options

If the circumstances in your local area prevent you from in-person exam delivery, or you prefer a digital option, all LCME qualifications and exams (from pre-Grade 1 through to diploma level) are available for candidates as Digital Recorded Exams.

Digital exams are available all year round, so what are you waiting for? Click the button below to find out more.

Digial recorded examS

Want to host LCME examinations?

Requirements for hosting a session

Each request will be considered carefully. The table below outlines the minimum session length which should be met in each region.

In countries outside of the UK, the threshold applies to the country as a whole and not to an individual exam centre – so if a centre has just one day of exams, but there are other centres hosting exams in the same country, then we will do our best to accommodate a centre which may fall below the threshold, as long as the combined entries of all centres in the country meet the minimum session length.

To be eligible to run in-person exams, you will need to meet the minimum session lengths below:


Min. session length


5 hours

Republic of Ireland

1 day


3 days

Rest of the world

5 days

How to apply?

If you're interested in becoming part of the LCME community as an exam centre or LCME representative, please click below to start your application.

Become an LCME representative