Replace Your LCME Certificate

Damaged certificates:

There is no fee to reissue damaged certificates. Please post the damaged certificate to the LCM Exams office and we will replace it free of charge.

LCM Examinations
University of West London
St Mary’s Road
London W5 5RF

Lost certificates:

The fee to replace a lost certificate is £20. Please click the link below to request a replacement.

Certificates with mistakes:

The fee to amend a certificate is £20. Please click the link below to request an amended certificate.
Please return the incorrect certificate to the LCM Exams office.
We cannot amend a certificate until the incorrect one is received.

Order your replacement certificate

Please note:

The fee to correct an incorrect certificate applies when the LCME office has not been made aware of errors before the certificate was issued. Candidates are issued an Attendance Notice before their examination. All details (including spelling of the name, instrument, grade, teacher's details etc.) should be checked carefully and any corrections notified to LCM Exams in writing (preferably by email). If we are not made aware of errors until after the certificate is printed, a replacement fee is due.

This form is for requesting replacement LCME certificates, if you want to replace a degree certificate from the University of West London please click here