Guidelines for LCME Digital Recorded Exams

LCME Digital Recorded Exams guidelines

  • Music published with an accompaniment must be performed with the accompaniment. This may be provided live with a pianist or with a backing track.
  • Candidates should announce their name to the camera and the exam they are taking. For example, "Hello, I am Pietro Dupont, Grade 4 Piano Leisure play exam".
  • Each piece must be recorded in a single, uninterrupted take with the title, component and composer of each piece announced before playing. For example: "Rock Lullaby, List C, by Marcus Wong". You do not need to submit scores of any music performed.
  • All technical work should be recorded in a single, uninterrupted take, with each presentation being identified orally before playing. For example, "C major scale", "A harmonic minor scale". Please do not submit each scale and arpeggio as a separate video file.
  • Performances must be recorded using a static camera. Please make sure the candidate can be seen clearly playing their instrument.
  • We suggest you make a short test recording first to ensure the audio signal is clear, not distorting or clipping, and the video image is clear.
  • The recording device's microphone must be of sufficient quality to allow assessment of all aspects of the performance, including tone quality and dynamic range.
  • The microphone should be positioned to ensure a good sound balance between the candidate and the accompanist or backing track (if applicable).
  • A smartphone or tablet sufficient is suitable for recording quality. We recommend you set your video camera resolution to 720p.
  • Your uploaded files must be in avi, flv, WMV, .mov or mp4 format. The maximum file size is 750MB. Please label the files with the candidate's name and the name of the piece or component. If you are using repertoire from another exam board, please include this. For example:
    • Pedro Aquilla - Andante in C major by Mozart, List A
    • Adeola Berru - Technical Work
    • Yung Ho – Petite Ballade, Op. 12 No.1 by Arensky, List C ABRSM

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