London College of Music Examinations (LCME) prides itself in offering a friendly and encouraging examination experience. It is the responsibility of every LCME examiner to ensure that each candidate is afforded a very positive experience. The report form provided for the candidate’s examination is not intended to give teacherly advice; however, its commentary should be both suitable for the type and level of examination taken and also aligned with the assessment criteria specified by the given syllabus.   

If you feel that LCME has fallen short in respect of its mission, and you are dissatisfied with the outcome of an examination, the board will initiate an investigation—an appeal—upon request.

The process for this procedure is outlined below and detailed in the LCME Appeals policy document

There are two stages to LCME's appeals process:

First stage appeal

A first stage appeal should be received by LCME within one month of the candidate being notified of the result.

All appeals will be referred to the Appeals Panel for review and, if appropriate, an investigation will be implemented.

The appeal will be acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt. However the entire process of reassessing the examination may take up to 45 working days.

Importantly, a first stage appeal should be lodged by the candidate (or the parent/guardian), and the process will not begin until payment for the service is received.

Please be aware that the overall assessment mark may, as a result of the appeal, be revised up or down. Alternatively, it may remain unchanged if the appeal is not upheld.

You will be notified in writing with the outcome of the appeal process. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you may request a second stage appeal.

Submit a first stage appeal

Second stage appeals

A second stage appeal will be referred to the Chief Examiner for the relevant subject area. It must be lodged, using the second stage appeal form (forwarded by request from LCME) not later than three weeks following the outcome of the first stage appeal. The process will not begin until payment for the service is received.

Charges (from 01 October 2022)

First Stage Appeal
The fee is determined by the level of examination
£20 - practical/theory examination pre-Grade 1
£25 - practical/theory examination at Grade/Level 1-5
£40 - practical/theory examination at Grade/Level 6-8
£80 - practical/theory examination at diploma level

When a first stage appeal is upheld, the fee will be refunded.

Second Stage Appeal:
The fees for a second stage appeal is 100% of the original examination fee paid, capped at £130 for the higher levels of examination.
When a second stage appeal is upheld, the fee will be refunded.

General enquiries

Enquiries regarding other aspects of the examinations procedure, but not specifically related to a result, should be directed to the LCME office.