Information for LCME Centre Representatives

Import Files - 2023

Click to download the appropriate import file.
There are different versions for practical and theory entries.

Import files are for use by Exam Centre Representatives only.

  • DOWNLOAD Summer 2023 Practical import file
  • DOWNLOAD Summer 2023 Practical (group, ensemble, duet, duologue) import file
  • DOWNLOAD Summer 2023 Theory (Written) import file
  • DOWNLOAD Summer 2023 Theory (Online) import file

Submit an Import File - 2023

This feature is only for use by LCME Exam Centre Representatives.

Please do not send import files via email, please submit your import file via the relevant link below:

  • SUBMIT Summer 2023 THEORY (Written and Online) import file
    Closing date 15 April 2023

  • SUBMIT Summer 2023 PRACTICAL import file (Africa, Asia & Middle East)
    Closing date 27 April

  • SUBMIT Summer 2023 PRACTICAL import file (UK, Europe, North/South/Central America)
    Closing date 8 May 2023

Please note, the deadline for uploading import files for practical exams differs by region. 

If you need support please contact Jenny Thompson -


Please upload prequisite documents to ERIC rather than emailing them to the LCME office.
Instructions on doing this can be found in the guide below.

Worked Theory Papers