Music students in Ramallah take LCME live online exams

We’re thrilled to have recently had our first batch of students taking LCME live online exams in Ramallah. New LCME representative, Samer Rashed, entered nine candidates for their exams in different grades in piano, violin and guitar.

The students performed in a room offered for free by a local school in Ramallah and were connected via International School of Musician’s secure video platform to LCME examiner, Anne Bull in Herefordshire in the UK.

Samer is an acclaimed viola player known for his distinctive style of Arabic Gypsy Jazz. He has recorded two albums and played to international audiences across Europe. Of the current situation, he said: “It’s not easy here. We work with what we have but it’s been very challenging having so few resources. However, we have a lot of students with raw talent so we keep pushing forward and encouraging them to work hard so they can have the same opportunities as children in Europe.”

The feedback from the students and teachers from the session was extremely positive. As Samer explains, “Being able to take their exams online and gain qualifications that are accredited by a British University is a big step in helping them achieve their future aspirations.”

LCME examiner Anne Bull said of the session, “The students were very impressive and have done really well. It’s extraordinary that Samer was able to host these exams considering the circumstances, and that the live online exam option has given these students the opportunity to progress their music education despite the challenges they are facing.”

Find out more about our live online exams.

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