FAQs on LCME Digital Recorded Exams and Digital Live Exams

Updated 09 June 2023 at 10:44 BST

Note: This FAQ is intended for customers, teachers and LCME reps who had booked a digital exam with LCME prior to 1st December 2022. For the latest information on digital exams please click here.

Candidates, teachers, parents, representatives and partners. Thank you all for your patience as LCME moves to its exciting new digital examinations platform.

Many of you have questions about the new and improved platform, your existing digital or recorded exams, and why the move happened when it did.

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Why did you not tell us about the move to a new digital platform months ago?
Due to circumstances beyond our control, LCME was forced to terminate its relationship with its previous digital platform providers. Therefore, we had to upgrade to the new digital examination platform at very short notice. We are sorry this has temporarily inconvenienced you.


What are the benefits of the new digital examinations platform?
The new platform is more robust, easier to use, has faster performance, and will allow us to provide results quicker than ever before.


I am worried that being a “brand new” platform means it’s untested. Is that the case?
As a regulated body, everything LCME does must meet certain standards and strict criteria. The new platform we launched on 1 December 2022 has been tested extensively and meets these regulatory standards.


When can I access the new digital platform?
LCME's new digital examination platform went live on Thursday 1 December 2022, and you can book a digital exam here.

If you used the old digital platform and have an outstanding digital exam booking or pending result, please contact our customer service team - LCME Support


I have a technical question about the new platform. Who do I contact?
Please visit the landing page for the new platform and click on the ‘Contact us’ button. A member of the team will be able to assist with your bookings. You can find information to common questions on the new platform, such as ID requirements, password information and how to upload recordings, by clicking here.


As an LCME Exam Centre, how can I upload recordings for a large cohort of candidates?

We can assist you with bulk bookings via an Excel file. Please get in touch via exams@gca.ac.uk (please note this option is currently only available for official LCME Exam Centres).


I am missing my/my candidate's certificate. What should I do?

Rest assured that we are doing everything possible to issue certificates as quickly as possible. You can always contact our customer service team via LCME Support for an update.



I have a question about my/my candidate’s digital examination or a cancelled digital examination. Who can I contact?
Our customer service team is working around the clock to respond to queries. We appreciate your support and patience. To help us triage and handle your queries as quickly as possible, please use the following channels:

  • Query regarding a digital examination booked before 1 December 2022: LCME Support
  • Missing a digital exam certificate: LCME Support
  • Technical questions about the new platform or making a new digital exam booking: click here


I had previously booked a digital recorded exam. What are my options?
We recognise that some of our candidates, reps and parents may be frustrated by the cancellations and delays from the old platform being unavailable and the new platform being open for bookings a week later. We want to support our customers during this stressful time and are offering flexible solutions, meaning you can apply for a refund or move your digital examination to the new platform. To request either option, please contact us via LCME Support.



I had previously booked a live digital exam, but there isn’t that option on the new digital booking platform. What should I do?
Live digital exams are returning soon. If you previously had a booking for a live digital exam, please get in touch with us at LCME Support



I\my candidates must complete their exam ahead of the January 2023 UCAS deadline. Will I/they have time?
Bookings are open again for digital exams. With a more efficient digital examinations platform in place, LCME will be able to provide candidates with results faster than ever before. From submitting a digital exam, we aim to get your result to you within 7 days.


Do the recorded exams have the same requirements as on the old platform?
Yes they do. The requirements LCME set are regulatory and have not changed as of the time of publishing this FAQ (2 December 2022). If you have specific questions about a particular syllabus, please check the syllabus on our website or contact LCME Support.



What about live digital exams?
Live digital exams were introduced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to ensure that a candidate's education could continue with as little disruption as possible. We can help you re-book a previously booked live digital exam. Please get in touch with us at LCME Support.


Moving forward, you will be able to book live digital exams soon. If you cannot wait, we can offer you an in-person exam (if geographically possible) or a recorded exam. Alternatively, you can get a refund if you had previously booked a live digital exam and cannot wait. To discuss your options, please get in touch with us via LCME Support.


As a reminder, we are offering 24/7 recorded digital exams via the new platform with faster-than-ever response times. We passionately believe that live in-person exams still have an important place at LCME and for candidates and reps across the globe, and we will be looking to enhance our in-person offering in 2023 and beyond, giving candidates complete flexibility.


Is the exam fees the same? Have the subjects on offer changed?
There have been no changes to our exam fees with the launch of the new digital platform.

Please click here to the variety of subjects and levels that are available as digital exams.


Where can we get more information about LCME’s future plans and updates?
We value your custom and are confident you will find all the changes worthwhile when you see what LCME has in store for reps, teachers and candidates in 2023. Moving forward, we will share regular updates via social media, email and the LCME website, to keep you up to date with all the exciting things happening across the LCME community.


Where can we share feedback about LCME?
At LCME, we aim to put the interests of candidates, parents, teachers and representatives at the heart of everything we do. We value your feedback and will use this information to inform our service plans for 2023. Please share any feedback with us via LCME Support.


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