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LCME Digital Exams Exams postponed due to COVID-19?

If your music or performance exams with another exam board have been postponed, LCME is pleased to offer you an alternative. This not only means your candidates can progress with their music and performance studies but that you can also continue to earn commission. You can start straightaway, simply follow the link below to register and book your exams today.

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To take advantage of our digital exams, reduce your costs and start generating more revenue.

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Anytime, anywhere

The new LCME digital examination service means your candidates can take an online or recorded exam at any level, from pre-grade one to diploma, anywhere in the world at any time, in the comfort of their own environment. There’s no minimum number of entries, so you have the flexibility to arrange exams at any time and earn more commission throughout the year.

Unique digital service

LCME has partnered with the International School of Musicians (ISoM), which provides a unique digital platform. Your candidates’ performances can be recorded and uploaded to the platform, or they can connect with LCME’s experienced and qualified examiners to recreate the real-time experience of a live face-to-face exam.

Earn our top rate of commission

Our digital exams are not just a COVID-19 solution, but a permanent new service, so you can continue to offer your candidates flexibility throughout 2021 and beyond.

However, we know it’s been a tough time for many, so we’re currently offering top rate commission for all new digital exam bookings, when you book before 31st July 2021.

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