New Digital exams

LCME has launched its unique digital exam programme for all music and performance subjects, so candidates at any level, from grade one to diploma, now have the option of taking a recorded or online exam. Your candidates can now take their LCME exams from anywhere in the world, at any time, in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Our partnership with you

We see our centre representatives as our partners. You are at the very heart of the examinations service and LCME want to work with you so that you can continue arranging examinations for your candidates, now and in the future.

This service has been designed to support you and together we will improve our examination provision. Many of your responsibilities will remain the same. We hope, however, that the systems and added flexibility will empower you to drive efficiencies and savings, making your business stronger than ever.

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Digital exam webinars

We are running a series of webinars to support LCME centre representatives with the introduction of our digital examination programme. If you would like to arrange a webinar for teachers and candidates in your area, click the button below.

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NEW! Centre representatives guide to digital examinations


Information for LCME Centre Representatives

Import Files - Winter 2020

Click to download the appropriate import file. There are different versions for practical and theory entries and please use the correct file for your region.

Import files are for use by Exam Centre Representatives only.

If your Centre is in the UK, Ireland, Europe, North/South/Central America, Africa or the Middle East please use the standard import files:

THEORY - Import file.xls

If your Centre is in Asia, please use the following files:

PRACTICAL SOLO EXAMS - Import File.xls (Asia)
PRACTICAL ENSEMBLE & DUETS - Import File.xls (Asia)
THEORY - Import file.xls (Asia)

Upload an Import File - Winter 2020

Please do not send import files via email, please upload them via the relevant link below.

This feature is only for use by LCME Exam Centre Representatives.

Choose the appropriate link below to upload your import file:

UPLOAD Practical exams in UK, Europe or North, South & Central America
UPLOAD Practical exams in Asia, Africa or the Middle East
UPLOAD Practical exams in Turkey
UPLOAD THEORY exams in any country - closing date is 15 October

The deadline for uploading import files differs by region.


Please upload prequisite documents to ERIC rather than emailing them to the LCME office.

Instructions on doing this can be found in the guide below.

Uploading PR documents to ERIC (pdf)

Guidance for UK Exam Centres

Guidance for UK Public Exam Centres (pdf)

How to enter