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Hatfield exam centre

Centre representatives are Christine Marchant and David Spiers
Email or call 07977 925 987

Summer 2019 exam dates

View session closing dates. Provisional exam date below:

  • Tuesday 16 July - Mid Herts Centre for Music & Arts
  • Wednesday 17 July - Mid Herts Centre for Music & Arts


LCME will make all possible attempts to meet date requests but they are not guaranteed. Please be prepared for your exam to be scheduled at any time within the exam session.

Entering online

To enter online you will need to register on ERIC
How to enter for your LCM exam online

Exams venue in Hatfield

Mid Herts Centre for Music & Arts

Birchwood Avenue, Hatfield, Herts. AL10 0PS - Directions & more info

Information for candidates

Please don't forget to bring a CD player if you want to use a backing track, and a stand if you are doing an electronic keyboard exam.

Music Theatre candidates should be aware that there is no screen in the exam room at the venue (see section 2.5.6 of the Music Theatre syllabus for guidance).

LCM events

Many LCM concerts and other events are open to the public, and teachers/candidates would be very welcome to see what else goes on at LCM - see the London College of Music pages for details.

Contact details

You can telephone us on 07977 925987. Our email address is lcm.londonrep@gmail.com