Enquiries & Appeals

Please find below information to guide you if you would like to raise a concern regarding your examination result or any other aspect of the examination procedure. 

In the first instance anyone wishing to raise a concern about an examination result should submit an enquiry.


Any enquiry received concerning the result of an examination will initially be responded to by the relevant Chief Examiner, or their nominated deputy, within ten working days of receipt of the enquiry.

The enquiry should be received by the Chief Examiner within one month of the candidate being notified of the result.

If the enquiry remains unresolved, it will be referred to the Head of LCME.

If the enquiry still remains unresolved, the candidate may lodge an appeal.

Submit an enquiry


Candidates are invited to lodge an appeal only after first raising an enquiry.

An appeal must be properly lodged using an Appeals Form (one will be emailed to you) by either the candidate or the candidate’s parent or guardian, normally not later than three weeks after the date of reply from the Head of LCME.

The fee for an appeal is currently £20.


Anyone wishing to make a complaint about any aspect of examinations procedure, but not specifically related to a result, is invited to write to the Head of LCME. 

If you have any questions please contact the LCME office.