LCME offer a range of alternatives to face-to-face examinations

Online Exams

LCME has partnered with the International School of Musicians (ISoM) to ensure all of our candidates can continue to complete their graded music and performance examinations.

For the first time, candidates will be able to take their examinations remotely, connecting with an experienced and qualified LCME examiner in real-time, from anywhere in the world using ISoM’s state of the art, secure video platform.

The exam will be conducted in real time, over a secure platform at time agreed in advance. The format of the exam will be exactly the same as a face-to-face exam.

Online exams are available at all levels.


How to enter

Existing Candidates
If you have already entered and paid for your examination we are sure you are eager to get started. Any candidate whose Spring 2020 exam was postponed due to COVID-19 can convert their entry to an online exam now - click here.
The entry fee already paid covers entry for the equivalent Online Exam. 

New candidates
Online exams are available to everyone - please enter via ERIC (choose 'Book Online Exam' in the session drop-down menu and choose 'Online Exams' as the exam centre).

Entry process
For both new and existing candidates, once you have completed your entry, ISoM will be in touch to schedule a Connectivity Call. This ensures that candidates’ have a strong enough internet connection for a successful online exam. Following the successful completion of the Connectivity Call, the ISoM team will contact you to schedule your examination for a date and time that suits you.  

Are they regulated?

Yes! Submissions are assessed by trained LCME Examiners, using the same standards and criteria as face-to-face exams. This offers candidates a reliable, independent, regulated assessment and the flexibility allowed by the entry process. 

Find out more

If you have any questions, get in touch with us or you can visit ISoM's page to download the helpful Candidate Guide for more information regarding how the online exam works and how to prepare.