Entering for an Exam

LCME offers examinations in three formats:

  • Recorded: performances submitted via video upload
  • Online: exam conducted in real time over a secure connection with an LCME examiner
  • Face-to-face: examinations at an exam centre local to you

Find out more

  • Recorded: click here
  • Online: click here
  • Face-to-face: click here


How do I enter?

The exam entry process will vary depending on the type of exam you are entering for. 

  • Recorded: click here
  • Online: enter via ERIC (under session choose 'Book Online Exam' and then choose 'Online Exams' as the centre)
  • Face-to-face: please answer the questions below to see your options


Are you?

Where are you?

Which type of exams are you interested in?