New LCM Stave House Music Award Syllabus - Level 3 and Level 4
1 June 2017

New LCM stave house music award syllabus - Level 3 and Level 4

Following the success of using Stave House in the classroom, several teachers have requested a follow on syllabus for their year 3 and 4 children. We are delighted to announce that these two new levels are now available. These syllabuses are designed particularly for children who are not likely to be having any form of private music tuition or specific instrumental tuition and will be using classroom tuned percussion or possibly recorders. Teachers have been keen to continue the high level of musicianship gained from level 1 and 2 Stave House, which teach the children to sight read and compose at a very early age during their music lessons in year 1 or year 2, and they want that excellent standard of musicianship to be continued. The fun element of Stave House is still there in these two new levels, making things like Alto clef and key signatures easily memorable with catchy songs and stories and rhymes.

Level 3 and 4 are ideal for year 3 and 4 as a general classroom programme but are also perfect for individual music students. The Stave House levels 3 and 4 are an excellent resource for young grade 1 students and help them to understand a lot more about the music they are playing without the formal approach of theory books and papers which they may not be quite ready for. They are also excellent preparation for the theory grades later. Having learnt theory kinaesthetically, using touch and sight and sound, the information is far more deeply embedded.

New magnets are available – semiquavers, triplets, sharps, flats naturals and standard black and white notes for your older children to compose with and make their own sight reading to play and sing .

Private teachers are finding the new Awards a great way to teach theory to their younger students. Making scales and intervals and choosing key signatures to place on the board for your own sight reading is an engaging way of learning those essential rudiments of theory.

Level 3 Stave House Music Award covers semiquavers, tonic triads, grade 1 key signatures, octaves, bass clef and scale construction, tones and semitones.

Level 4 includes triplets, composition, musical dictation, alto clef, enharmonics and dotted crotchets.

All the stories used to teach the above concepts are compatible and in context with the stories from level 1 and 2, therefore creative musical play and creative development is encouraged at all times. Imaginative storytelling and role play are all part of the syllabus still, which makes it such an accessible syllabus for young children and also those with learning difficulties.

You can download the new LCM Stave House Music Awards Syllabus from the LCM web site or from the Stave House website at